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There is no AKITA like an ALASKA Akita
There is no AKITA like an ALASKA Akita

Our dogs come from a reputable breeder with over 25 years experience breeding Akitas. All of our dogs have champion blood lines and “show” potential. 



Hoshi has a great temperament.  She has a no nonsense personality, yet she is our most loving, loyal and smart dog. She is the alpha dog and boss of our other dogs. She will growl at the other dogs when ever they do something that I would not approve of, and that stops the other dogs dead in their tracks, they really listen to her. (Akita's generally communicate through a low growling sound rather than barking, it is often mistaken for an aggressive behavior.)  She has beautiful one-of-a-kind markings and a double curl tail.






Kodiak is our gentle giant. He weighed just over 100 pounds by the time he was one year old, and he is still growing. He has a wonderful temperment along with a goofy personality and always has a smile on his face. His pure black mask and beautiful markings gets everybody's attention. Everybody that meets him falls in love with him.






Tundra’s temperment is outstanding.  She is our most affectionate dog. She will give you kisses until you are blue in the face and likes to snuggle with us in bed all night. The color of her coat and her markings are phenomenal. She instantly became best friends with Kodiak from the day we brought her home and it is hard to keep them separated.

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