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There is no AKITA like an ALASKA Akita
There is no AKITA like an ALASKA Akita

Contract of Sale

This copy of our standard contract is for informational purposes only.  Your specific contract will be provided to you at the time you choose your puppy.

Contract of Sale


Alaska Akitas, Seller 




__________________________________, Buyer


For the Purchase of Akita puppy described below:



        Puppy’s  Temporary Name  __________________________________________ 

        SIRE: ____________________________________________________________

        DAM: ____________________________________________________________

        Approximate Whelping Date : ________________________________________

        Color / markings  ___________________________________________________

        AKC Registration Type: _____________________________________________


        Puppy intended for:  Companionship ____        Show ____          Breeding ___



Price of Puppy   __________



Seller guarantees the following:



This puppy is guaranteed for a period of five days against viral diseases such as: Parvovirus, Distemper, Coronavirus, Parainflueza, Adenovirus II, and Leptospirosis. Please insure you do not expose your puppy to dog parks or to house holds that had had a sick dog or cat in the past year. These viruses can be shed from ill dogs into their owner’s home. Some viruses such as Parvo can live 6 months to a year inside the owner’s home and can be present on clothing, furniture and shoes. Until your puppy‘s immune system is well protected by a full series of vaccines -16 weeks -- please be careful where you take your puppy.  By accepting your puppy you are agreeing to have your dog properly vaccinated up to and including throughout his/her adulthood.


This puppy is guaranteed to pass OFA evaluation at the age of 24 months With a Excellent, Good, or a Fair Rating. If your dog fails to achieve an OFA rating of Fair or better, simply mail us a copy of the OFA report and documentation from your vet stating that the dog has been sterilized and we will replace the dog with a puppy when one becomes available. We will not replace any dog that is found to have hip problems due to environmental issues or poor nutrition. Buyer must provide all paperwork from a Veterinarian stating findings and cause of medical problem. 


This puppy is guaranteed to be free of PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) for a period of 4 years. A CERF exam should be administered each year.


The sale of this puppy includes AKC registration, initial vaccinations, a health certificate, a dog crate, airline fees (limited). We only ship on Alaska Airlines.


Under no circumstances will refunds be made in lieu off a replacement. If buyer rejects a replacement puppy, all sales become final.


Buyer agrees to the following:


Buyer acknowledges that all money placed as a down payment are forfeited should buyer not complete purchase of puppy; and or take delivery of said puppy within the time specified by seller. 


Buyer agrees that in the event that the purchased puppy/adult dog have to be replaced due to inherited or birth defects, breeder will select the replacement pup of Equal value and Breeding from a upcoming AKC litter. Seller agrees to let Buyer participate in the final choice on a replacement puppy.


Buyer agrees to provide complete veterinary care for the dog.


Buyer agrees to have the puppy spayed/neutered within six months of birth if the puppy is sold with limited registration.   Buyer will provide proof to seller once the puppy has been spayed or neutered.


Buyer agrees to maintain dog on a monthly heartworm preventative throughout the dog’s life.


Buyer agrees to feed a premium “no soy or corn“ commercial dog food to insure proper growth. (Your puppy has been raised on Victor Hi Pro Plus food –found at most feed stores).


Buyer agrees to have dog in a house or kennel area with proper shelter available at all times and to never let the dog roam free unsupervised.


Buyer agrees this dog will not be over exercised or go up large flights of stairs before the age of 2 years. The puppy has soft bones and this could cause irregular growth of the hips and elbows.


Buyer agrees not to breed dog until proper health checks have been administered (if applicable).


Buyer agrees to contact seller in the event that they decide to sell their dog. Seller reserves the right of first refusal at no more than the original purchase price.


Buyer agrees to assume all responsibility and liability for dog once ownership has been transferred. Seller will not be held responsible for any legal ramifications concerning this dog.


Alaska Akita


Reservation Deposit:      $_______________Date____________________


Final Payment:                $________________Date___________________


By signing below, Buyer states that He / She has read the aforementioned guarantee and is in complete agreement.





_______________________________________________________ , Buyer



Date   ____________________________



________________________________________________________, Anthony Lively, Seller



Date   ____________________________


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