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There is no AKITA like an ALASKA Akita
There is no AKITA like an ALASKA Akita

Choosing a Puppy

We welcome prospective owners to visit our home and spend time with our dogs.  Our veterinarian is also available to answer any questions.



What’s in the Box: The puppy, initial vaccinations, a health certificate, a dog crate, and airlinne fees*, 


Payments: Payments are made through our PayPal account.  Please do not send any money until we have reviewed your Wait List Application and you have been approved for placement.


AKC Registration:  All or our puppies will be sold with full AKC registration unless the puppy does not meet breed standards for breeding and will ultimately make no contribution to improving the Akita breed.


Reserve a Puppy:  A $500 deposit reserves a puppy from the next available litter. This deposit is non-refundable. We take reservations on a first come first serve basis. You will receive notification by email that pictures have been posted to our website within 5 days of birth.  Once the pictures are posted on our website you will have 10 days to choose a puppy. After the 10 days the puppies will be available on our website for sale to the general public.


Priority Choice: Priority choice guarantees that you have the first pick of the litter. Once the pictures are posted on our website you will have 10 days to choose a puppy. The initial deposit is $500. This deposit is non-refundable and goes toward the purchase price ofyour puppy. 


Breeding’s Choice: On occasion, we will identify a puppy we feel is an exceptional candidate for breeding.  We reserve the right to retain this dog for our own kennel. 


Interim Deposit:  50% of the total cost of the puppy is due when you choose your puppy.   This interim deposit is non-refundable unless there are health problems or the puppy scores low on screening for:


  •     Hip dysplasia 
  •     Elbow dysplasia
  •     Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) 


Final Payment:  The final payment is due eight days before the puppy is shipped. 


Deposit Rollovers: If no puppy is born that provides a good match for you in the current litter, or there weren’t enough puppies born to provide one for you, your deposit will roll over to the next litter and you will move up the wait list.  


* Shipping:  All puppies are shipped through Alaska Airlines or Ace Cargo from Ketchikan International Airport. Please be aware, high temperatures in certain parts of the country during the summer may become a factor. Escorted flights can be arranged on request for additional fees.

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