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There is no AKITA like an ALASKA Akita
There is no AKITA like an ALASKA Akita

Breeder's Policy

Kodiak & Hoshi

As responsible breeders, we know the breed standard and use it as a blueprint for producing quality dogs. We take seriously our responsibility for every puppy we place in a home. We care about each puppy and its placement, and we will provide an abundance of information as part of the sale, such as care and feeding instructions, breed information, health and vaccination records and copies of health testing completed. We stay involved after the sale and will be available for questions and assistance.


We will discuss the needs of the Akita to determine if this breed is right for you. We also know how to recognize certain traits in individual puppies that will match the right puppy with the right home. This is of utmost importance to ensure the humans and the dog live a long and happy life together.


The first step to be considered for one of our puppies is to complete and send to us our Wait List Application.  We will then have a telephone interview and check your references as part of an appropriate placement.  When you are approved, you may then send us your deposit and we will add you to our Wait List.  When the exciting time comes to choose your puppy, we will provide you with a Contract of Sale which you will sign and return with your Interim Deposit.  Please read the sample contract over carefully as well as the Choosing a Puppy and the Owner's Responsibilities sections.  A complete understanding of all that is involved with owning an Akita is very important before taking possession of the puppy.  Please be aware that we require proof of spay/neuter unless your contract specifically states your puppy will have Full Registration. We will not sell a puppy with Full Registration unless the puppy meets breed standards and will ultimately improve the Akita breed. Our number one goal at Alaska Akitas is to improve the Akita breed. We will also provide the AKC registration paperwork.




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