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There is no AKITA like an ALASKA Akita
There is no AKITA like an ALASKA Akita

About Us


An important part of our mission in breeding these royal puppies is to share the Akita experience with other Akita lovers.  If you believe you can give one of our puppies a happy forever home, please contact us to apply for our wait list.  

We are thrilled to share the joy!


The love and devotion of an Akita is undeniable.  They are and always will be your protector. After a long day at work, coming home and being greeted by our dogs is such a welcoming, loving feeling.  No matter what my mood, they bring a smile to my face.  Each has her/his own distinct personality: Hoshi is the alpha female, boss of them all.  Kodiak is the carefree personality.  Life is a bowl of cherries for him.  And then there’s Tundra, our baby.  The smallest of the three -- so far -- she is our little red head with remarkable beauty marks.  They give us so much love.  The bond is hard to describe in words.


These dogs are our best friends, our kids (in addition to our own, of course), our protectors and they mean the world to us.  We feel very safe in our home knowing they are on duty.  Our dogs are extremely well behaved and whip smart.  They trained quickly and easily and learned every command in a very short time.  They will do anything we ask of them with no hesitation.  Their house manners are impeccable, no chewing, no garbage can raiding (even if there is Alaskan King salmon to feast upon) and they have an amazing calming affect, and loving patience with,  out own children and the very young foster children we love and take care of.



We acquired our first Akita in 2012 and our every intention was to take her home and make a companion out of her.  After spending time with the breeder, however, we decided right there and then that we had met our calling.  We wanted to breed these noble creatures and learn everything we could to become responsible breeders and produce top quality dogs.  We offered top dollar, put a substantial deposit down for a male to our liking to breed with her, the deal was made and our fates were sealed.


Since that day, I have become an Akita devotee.  I devoured as many books as I could get my hands on and we set about setting up our home to make the best “akita heaven” that we could.  I’ve asked breeders countless questions and took all the necessary steps, legal and otherwise, to make sure that we are improving the breed.  Of course the most important thing was to start out with the very best dogs we could find.


We are young and just starting out but I probably have looked at every responsible breeder in the country and am learning from the best.  Our dogs are from championship lines and our passion is not just to breed but to improve the breed with careful planning and selection.  There is no Akita like an Alaska Akita


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